As our day-to-day lives become faster and faster, and we have less and less time to accomplish what we need to do, more and more people succumb to the perils of stress. Stress today is indiscriminate, not only affecting working members in our society, but also affecting persons staying at home, often needing to ferry their children from A to B in heavy traffic, often needing to meet deadlines, and often needing to have food on the table by a particular time.

Alternatively, you or your child might have uni stress, school stress, bullying stress or exam stress. The principles of treating stress with hypnotherapy are all similar. (Lesley does have a Blue Card)

Stress affects both physical and mental processes. On the mental side, anxiety, depression, and memory and concentration impairment can result, while physical symptoms can include digestive problems, headaches, heart disease, sleep problems and weight gain. (

Do any of these symptoms resonate with you? Or are you just unable to keep up, feel stressed or having trouble sleeping?

If so, you are in the right place. I will work with you in partnership, to alleviate the stress that you are enduring. Together we will do a full assessment of where you are now and your needs, and translate this into a plan of change according to your own individual circumstances.

Treatment can be of various ways:

  1. Hypnotherapy, problem solving and other tools.
  2. Meditation (I meditate on a daily basis, and trained as a Yoga and Meditation Teacher many years ago, and I have a Diploma in Training and Assessment)
  3. A combination of both the above.

Results that you can expect from this is to be calm and in control, to have peace of mind, and heightened self-esteem.