Pre-Pregnancy HEALTH

Pre-Pregnancy Health- For IVF OR Natural Conception

“Fertility can be affected by illness, how old you are, your weight, whether you or your partner smokes, or takes drugs, or even perhaps consumes too much caffeine.” (

Do any of these issues, that you can do something about, resonate with you?

When I work with you, I walk beside you all the way, ensuring that we take a gentle and safe approach to overcome your challenges. We work in partnership, where your feedback is considered vital to the process, to tweak changes that need to be made. It is inevitable that the changes experienced promote health, positivity and heightened self-esteem, contributing to the potential of a successful and safe pregnancy.

My past experience as a Midwife and Mental Health Nurse, equips me for this working relationship, while my role as a Hypnotherapist, makes it easier to facilitate these important changes and makes it easier for you to stay on track.

To find information about addictions, including stopping smoking, please use this link. (

To find information about weight management programs, please use this link (