Whether you are doing cigarettes, alcohol or other drugs too hard, or whether you are stuck on the horses, or pokie machines, the truth is that we all need to take the bull by the horns, and address our addictions at one time or other.

With so many potentially addictive products in our society, it is easy to overdo things. But it is also easy to look for help to unravel these powerful addictions, and you are looking in the right place.

I am here to work in partnership with you, to get you through these obstacles. Hypnosis is the most effective way to stop smoking, according to a meta-study of over 70,000 smokers, presented in New Scientist Magazine, Vol 316.

Hypnosis has proven success rates for addictions. Clinical trials in the US, have shown an 81% rate of smoking cessation when studying 21 participants undertaking 3-4 sessions of hypnosis for stopping smoking, while 48% had continued their cessation after 12 months post-treatment (1).

Eighteen clients treated for alcohol, cocaine and marijuana addictions demonstrated a 77% success rate for at least a one-year follow-up (2).

By using Hypnotherapy on Sunshine Coast to overcome your addiction/s, you will be supported through withdrawal discomfort with innovative methods, to help you to make the transition to someone in control, and to someone with high confidence and self-esteem.

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