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Lesley Jerman

Lesley Jerman, your Clinical Hypnotherapist at Hypnotherapy on Sunshine Coast grew up in Adelaide, South Australia, but has been living in Queensland for many years, with her family.

Lesley has come from a lengthy and diverse nursing background including general nursing, midwifery and child health, nursing leadership and Indigenous health. After finishing her Psychiatric Training in1991, and then working in mental health for over twenty years, Lesley became a TAFE teacher, teaching aged care and mental health. While working in mental health, she obtained a Certificate in Counselling, and at TAFE she acquired a Diploma of Mental Health and a Certificate iv in Training and Assessment.

She left TAFE in 2012, and after not finding adequate work, took up formal studies in Hypnotherapy, an area she always had a passion for. Through this, she acquired a Diploma of Hypnotherapy and a Diploma of Hypnotherapy Coaching and NLP.

Lesley then opened her first Hypnotherapy practice, “Centre of the Mind,” but found that she really needed to upskill in administration. She enrolled in two mentoring courses to expand her Hypnotherapy Business Skills and a program teaching Smoking Cessation through hypnotherapy.

She then established her now Hypnotherapy practice, called Hypnotherapy on Sunshine Coast, where she works with clients at her Mooloolah Clinic or in Nambour or over the internet. Lesley is also a Justice of the Peace and volunteers for Citizen Advocacy.

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Lesley Jerman- Hypnotherapy on Sunshine Coast

Other Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing)
  • Diploma of Health Administration and Information Systems
  • Master of Primary Health Care
  • Certified Virtual Gastric band Practitioner
  • Recovery Orientated Care Cert iv