We offer Hypnotherapy services to take care of your Health both inside and outside…

As well as depression and anxiety being both physically and mentally painful and draining, you may be having panic attacks and feel out of control. These are easily managed with Hypnotherapy.


Are you just unable to keep up, feel stressed or having trouble sleeping? If so, you are in the right place. Lesley will work with you in partnership, to alleviate the stress that you are enduring. Feel free to contact.

Weight Management_

Tired of the treadmill of Diet and weight gain? Contact Lesley to reform your body and rebuild your self-esteem. I offer two different weight management programs, which are tailored and effective.


Lesley is here to work in partnership with you to work upon Hypnosis being the most effective way to stop smoking, according to a meta-study of over 70,000 smokers, presented in New Scientist Magazine.


Give yourself the optimal chance of conception by dealing with these issues now. Lesley works with you ensuring that we take a gentle and safe approach to overcome your challenges helping you to stay on track.


Lesley Jerman a former Midwife and Child Health Nurse, so I have worked with women who have suffered from Post-Natal Depression, on a daily basis and knows how to use such factors, to improve their lives.